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When it comes down to it, it can be really challenging to deal with the prospect of supporting yourself for the rest of your life. While many people hope for a windfall, the weight of supporting yourself falls on your own shoulders, and it is important to think carefully about how to make decisions that will work for your family in the long run. I started thinking about how my education could provide a better living for my family, and after completing my degree, I felt like I could do anything. This website is here for anyone wondering how your formal education could help you down the road.


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Did Your Husband Have A Stoke Recently?

If your husband was the victim of a stoke not too long ago, you are both probably still reeling with that unexpected and devastating event that has changed your life, at least for right now. Maybe you are both totally surprised that the stoke happened because your husband was the picture of health. Maybe he exercised and ate all the right foods, and he still had a stoke. Life can be unfair sometimes.

Has the doctor already given you a plan to help your husband recover from the stroke? If so, you are probably in the middle of arranging for therapy. From speech therapy to other types of therapy, here are some things that might help you to help your husband.

Arrange For Speech Therapy - The medical team itself more than likely gave you all the information you need to start your husband's different therapy sessions. But, once the therapy starts, you might be very surprised at the way it happens.

Maybe you thought that your husband would be repeating words and sentences that the therapist spoke. Instead, the therapist will more than likely actually teach your husband things like finger puzzles and other activities that will stimulate the part of the brain that controls speech. The therapist will more than likely play simple computer games with your husband. At first, they might be frustrating for your husband. However, with consistent practice soon he might actually enjoy the games.

Even playing games with things like pick-up sticks or poker chips will probably help your husband's speech to improve. Trust the therapist. Remember that he or she has the training and the experience necessary to work with your husband in a way that will help his speech get much better.

​Additional Therapy Sessions - Besides speech therapy, your husband will probably be having physical therapy and occupational therapy. At first, the physical therapy sessions might tire him out very easily. Soon, though, it will become easier for him, and the sessions might be extended. Even taking a walk with your husband will go a long way in helping him to recover from the stroke he had.

Occupational therapy will probably seem useless to your husband at first because it will more than likely be based around games. However, those games each have a function, and they will play an important part in helping your husband to get better each day.